An Afropop single that will sweep you off your feet.

Copenhagen, Denmark-based musical creative, Tarick, is a multi-talented artist. By blending elements of his African heritage with “a modern European hip-hop sound,” his music usually has a “stylish Afro-pop vibe with a Nordic twist, which feels like Danish summer nights under the Tanzanian sky.” Tarick’s discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. His latest drop is the Afro-pop single “Badilika.”

While it’s listed as Afropop, this song also takes inspiration from Latin-based music and pop. “Badilika” is dance-ready and upbeat, although its message begs for exactly the opposite in a relationship. There’s something wrong with Tarick’s love, and it’s driving him insane. Lyrics like “Oh no / Can’t understand / I won’t unless you / Just take it slow / You got me in doubt my mind be / Racing, you know” and “We up arguing all night / We stuck and it stresses my mind” provide an ear-pleasing blend of Swahili and English delivered with buttery vocals. However, the song itself seems to be more of a cry for things to become easier or at least clearer. It’s a question of what will come next, whether the partner will leave or change. So, press play below to get a taste of “Badilika.”

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