Give It To Me


Miguel is back and as eccentric as ever!

Miguel is so damn slept-on. Not only does he have a couple of classic albums under his belt, but he also pulled off the kick heard ’round the world. With that being said, can you believe that it has been a full six years since Miguel released an album? Today, the “Sure Thing” singer returned to the music scene with a new single called “Give It To Me.”



Once “Give It To Me” fully gets started (The intro kind of confuses me), it morphs into one catchy, electrifying, and unique R&B jam. Throughout the song, which boasts this spellbinding instrumental that will have your mind in a daze, Miguel relies on both soothing and passionate vocals to let his partner know that he likes what she has to offer him. If things get a little stale in your bedroom, I think “Give It To Me” can spice things up.

Listen to “Give It To Me” below.

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