My Body

Coi Leray

Is Coi Leray making an album full of nostalgic-sounding music?

Coi Leray is hopping through decades more than Marty McFly. After dropping her “Players” single (Which samples a hip-hop song from the ’70s), Leray dropped a song called “Bops” that sounds like it was made in the early 2000s. Today, she decided to make her quick return with “My Body,” a track that samples “It’s My Party” from the ’60s.


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For some extremely odd reason, Coi Leray’s body is a topic of conversation these days. Thankfully, Coi tends to brush off those who hate on it. In “My Body,” she actually takes things a step further. Throughout the song, which boasts a flipped version of the “It’s My Party” instrumental, she puts her vajayajay on a pedestal and stiff arms dudes that aren’t worthy like James. Though the song definitely activates my cheesy meter, I do f**k with Coi’s aggressive raps and the catchy hook.

Only if Giannis had Coi Leray’s confidence at the free-throw line…