G-Herbo drops another one for the people that support him the most.




5. Dead or Alive

I bet you folks did wicked smiles and rubbed their hands together during the making of this song.

“Dead or Alive” is an anti-hero anthem. For starters, the track boasts this terrifying trap beat that gives me Frankenstein vibes. Over it, G-Herbo gives us a friendly reminder that he’s the realest in the game, that he has more bread than Subway, and that he’s down to pop his enemies. The way he plows through the track using this vicious tone will definitely make his opps have goosebumps.



4. Fuck Opps

After all of these years, negroes still have issues with opps (SMH)?

“F**k Opps” is powered by this synth-heavy trap beat that gives me Christine vibes (Y’all remember that movie, right? The one about the car that slid on folks). Over it, you get a carefree version of G-Herbo. Not only does he hit us with a simple-ass hook (He just says “f**k opps” over and over again), but lyrically, he sounds like a dude that is ready to die for either respect or a sandwich from Jimmy Johns.

3. What You Need

“What You Need” has the kind of energy that I need from G-Herbo.

80% of the reason that I like “What You Need” is because of the production. The song boasts two beats: One that is on some soulful street s**t, and another that is on some opera-like street s**t. Though Herbo doesn’t quite hit us with his best flows over the beats (That’s an understatement), I do f**k with his protective lyrics. This just feels like the ultimate Bonnie and Clyde anthem.



2. Outside

“Outside” is strictly 4 the young mobsters of the world.

“Outside” is one of those grungy club bangers that only gets played after 12 AM (Especially when the club managers turn off the lights and start removing chairs). In the song, G-Herbo, GloRilla, and Mello Buckzz big-up killers, provoke beef, and dismiss long-term relationships. While Herbo sounds pretty free, Mello Buckzz and GloRilla sound ready for every kind of smoke (Including carbon monoxide).



1. We Don’t Care

Am I a dweeb for liking Herbo’s s**t that sounds heartwarming?

“We Don’t Care” boasts a soothing/comforting trap beat that you might hear on a Rod Wave track. No need to worry, you don’t get soulful singing out of Herbo in the song; instead, you get gritty raps that have the Chicago MC speaking on his cold heart and borderline demented ways. He also speaks about his come-up and being perhaps overly loyal. On some real s**t, it’s ironic how the track in which Herbo says he doesn’t care is his best effort.


1. No Limit (Ft. Drench) (3/5)

2. Watch Me Ball, Pt. 2 (3.5/5)

3. Outside (Ft. GloRilla & Mello Buckzz) (4/5)

4. What You Need (3.5/5)

5. F**k Opps (3.5/5)

6. Everyday (3.5/5)

7. Off Days (3.5/5)

8. Dead or Alive (4/5)

9. We Don’t Care (4/5)

10. Letter To My Lover (3.5/5)

11. Any Other Way (3.5/5)

12. Feel This (3.5/5)




Something I find very odd about G-Herbo is how drastically he switches his flows from project to project. In some albums, he sounds like the second coming of Nas, while in other albums, he rhymes like someone that lays his verses down before hearing what the beat sounds like. Honestly, I prefer the former; unfortunately, we mainly get the latter in Strictly 4 My Fans.

First and foremost, can we give a standing ovation to this album’s producers? Strictly 4 My Fans features a bunch of soulful, gritty, and dark trap beats that bring out the demonic in G-Herbo. Never one to be outdone, Herbo does a fantastic job of meeting them all at the rim with evil-ass lyrics that revolve around his impressive come-up and everlasting thirst for revenge. Though, as I stated before, I don’t love the flows he raps with, I do think Herbo nails it when it comes to explaining what it’s like to be a street ninja that is still adjusting to fame. While short, Strictly 4 My Fans does feel like something the Chicago native’s fans would want.

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