Just Relax

Lola Brooke

Oh, Lola Brooke can rap rap…

Lola Brooke is the s**t, y’all. After hearing her extremely gritty “Don’t Play Wit It” single a few weeks ago, I’m all on board with crowning her the hardest female rapper on the block. This past Friday, Lola returned to the music scene with “Just Relax,” yet another banger that will turn heads.



“Just Relax” is powered by a flipped version of The Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours” beat. Over it, Lola Brooke hits us with aggressive bars that have her shutting down her competition early and often. She also brags about her shiny jewels and fighting skills. Though I think you have to appreciate old-school hip-hop music to fully rock with this song, those who don’t will love the catchy hook and Lola’s emphatic rap deliveries.

Give “Just Relax” by Lola Brooke a shot below.

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