IDK (Ft. NLE Choppa)

Who knew this duo would work so well together?

IDK and NLE Choppa are definitely two underdogs. Though I do believe that they are household names, I don’t think they get enough credit for bringing something new to the hip-hop game. With that being said, IDK and NLE have two completely different styles that are not supposed to work well together… In “Salty,” their two completely different styles work very well together.



“Salty” is only 1:46 long… That’s definitely not enough time. In the song, which is powered by this fire-ass beat, IDK and NLE Choppa each rap about being cold-hearted individuals that don’t have love for useless women, cops, or overseasoned food.  Though I think that their content is pretty damn gangsta, it’s their explosive and confident deliveries that catch my attention the most. These two ninjas sound like they are down with stomping on folks like Draymond.

Listen to “Salty” below.

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