Album Ratings (04/29/2023): Mike Dean, Tee Grizzley, Skilla Baby & R-Mean

You get a rating, you get a rating, you get a rating!

Mike Dean – 4:23

One can argue that Kanye West isn’t Kanye West without Mike Dean. With that being said, if you like Kanye’s music, you will definitely enjoy Dean’s solo work; including 4:23.

If the front cover to 4:23 turns you off, here’s what will turn you on: The album’s executive producer is the one and only The Weeknd! You get to hear the Canadian singer throughout, but really, the star of the show here is Dean. The futuristic, uptempo, synth-heavy production that he blesses us with will activate your dancing feet and make you want to hear this s**t in a planetarium. For all of you AI fans, this album definitely kicks your computers in the hard drives.

Favorite Songs: “Defame Moi,” “More Coke,” and “Emotionless.”



Tee Grizzley & Skilla Baby – Controversy

Doesn’t it feel like Tee Grizzley plays in his own league? When he first exploded onto the music scene, he was linked to artists like Lil Durk and G-Herbo; these days, it seems like he enjoys operating solo dolo. With that being said, this past Friday, Tee decided to release a collaboration album he did with Skilla Baby called Controversy.

Let’s be real: Most people are clicking on this album because it says that it features Tee Grizzley. However, I actually think Tee and Skilla Baby contribute equally to it. Throughout, they both get their chances to set the tone for tracks. They also both do good jobs of killing s**t in their own unique ways. All in all, if you are a fan of buddy-buddy collaboration albums that boast menacing beats and trill-ass lyrics, this is a project you should press play on.

Favorite Tracks: “Dropped The Lo,” “Striker Music,” “Gorgeous,” and “B&E Pt. 1”




R-Mean – MEAN

R-Mean can rap his muthaf*cking ass off. I’m not exactly sure why he isn’t a bigger household name yet. With that being said, this past week, the California-based artist decided to drop a solid 15-track project called MEAN. What I love is that you pretty much get every kind of rap banger on the album. For example, on a song like “Candle of the Devil,” R-Mean and Nas trade wisdom-filled bars, while on songs like “TBS” and “Charles Barkley,” you get unadulterated club vibes. In other words, if you are an open hip-hop fan, you will be entertained. Oh, and by the way, Scott Storch produced a bunch of beats on this project.

Favorite Songs: “Candle Of The Devil,” “Charles Barkley,” “Yessir,” “TBS,” and “Lonely Day”




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