A dark pop single with angsty anti-romance vibes.

Los Angeles, London, and Casablanca-based musical creative, Ghita, is actually pronounced Rita. Ghita is a multi-talented singer and songwriter who writes her music bilingually and with great contradiction. The Casablanca-born artist occasionally infuses her work with French, her first language. We get to hear Ghita come to life when she discusses the loss of love, or the gaining of it, only to be betrayed. Some of the singer’s previous creations include tracks like “Walo,” “Real Lies,” “Satisfied,” and “Out of My Life.” Her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Ghita’s latest drop is the deep, dark pop single, “Garden.”

“Garden” is darkly tinted and uses the similarities of certain flowers to explain her relationship. Lyrics like “Recognize, I’m like a flower, you can’t pick me twice / Paradox in paradise” and “Just a kiss, make you overdose / Icarus, boy, you got too close / Poisonous like a desert rose” offer up a striking tale that reflects on moving on from a former flame. However, while this hit feels like it’s mourning, it is, in fact, full of unapologetic self-awareness instead. Ghita isn’t here to make us feel better about love; she’s here to make us feel like the flower we are. So, press play so you can leave your feelings (along with your ex) behind in the “Garden.”

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