King Talk

Shaquille O’Neal, Koko & Blackway

Holy s**t, Shaq’s verse on this song is outstanding!

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the biggest opportunists the world has ever seen (I totally mean this as a compliment). Not only is he a hall-of-fame basketball player, but he’s also an analyst, a doctor, a cop, a DJ, and a rapper. Today, the former Lakers star returned to the music scene with “King Talk,” a track that features Koko and Blackway.

“King Talk” is an explosive hip-hop banger that features an unbelievable all-around performance by Blackway and a dominant rap verse by Shaq. While the former kills s**t by yelling like a dude that just found out that his car got towed, the latter kills s**t by hitting us with a slick flow and semi-clever punchlines. Content-wise, the two rappers do a great job of finding ways to let the world that they are certified bus drivers.

Kevin Durant, you have 24 hours to respond…

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