A hip-hop track that explores relationship struggles.

Musical creative, Kriswitak, is also known as Kristopher Edward Williams. Kriswitak is a Beaumont, Texas native who has always had a strong love for music. For this artist, “the connection between emotion and words” has always resonated with him as a beautiful form of expression. With his work, his goal is to make everyone “feel seen and heard.” He says, “I want to make music that helps people forget about their everyday life.” Kriswitak’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest release is the seven-track album, RACE THE REAPER, which features the hip-hop song “LIFE ENDS IN HELL.” The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

With an easygoing backdrop of instrumentals, “LIFE ENDS IN HELL” offers dark lyrics with a supposedly easy-to-swallow beat. This song is all about the loss that comes by all too often: The loss of a relationship. Lyrics like “The pain regrets / What you do to me / Used to be okay / What’s next for me” and “Did I give you everything / To lose all the things / That makes me happy” reminisce on inner struggles and unhealthy relationships. While it sounds so gentle and soft, this hit reflects on the pains and difficulties of being with a toxic partner in depth. So, press play below to experience how “LIFE ENDS IN HELL.”

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