The Best You’ll Ever Have

Katie Belle

A dark pop gem about moving on from an ex.

American musical creative, Katie Belle, is a singer, songwriter, model, and actress who turned to music as an outlet. With her attention-grabbing vocals and “playful stage presence,” the artist’s work has received recognition from stars like Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. In Rolling Stone’s July/August 2021 edition, Belle was noted as one of Tunecore’s TOP 50 Pop Artists To Watch. In 2022, the singer was officially welcomed into the Recording Academy. Besides working on new tunes, this Georgia native also has plenty of live performances planned for this year. Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Katie Belle’s latest drop is the pop single “The Best You’ll Ever Have.”

Panic! At The Disco is jealous of this breakup tale. Belle’s hit is subtly dark and just a little creepy, but it’s full of beats that will make you dance along instantly. There’s no easy way to capture the haunting despair of a lost love, but somehow, she’s done it. Lyrics like “On the floor in your arms / I was yours / I was wrong / So in love and I tried to hang on closer to you” and “Though I didn’t mean it when I told you I was leaving / I I know you had to see it to believe it” reflect on letting go of an unhealthy relationship. At the same time, she makes sure we don’t feel like we can ever go back. So, press play on Katie Belle’s new single to experience love, but don’t forget to remind your partner that you are “The Best You’ll Ever Have.”

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