Won’t Back Down

NBA YoungBoy (Ft. Bailey Zimmerman & Dermot Kennedy)

I actually f**k with a watered-down NBA YoungBoy.

NBA YoungBoy is probably the most commercial anti-commercial dude in the music industry right now. Like, the chances that you would hear a song from him on a cereal commercial are slim. With that being said, the people behind the new Fast & Furious soundtrack were able to get YoungBoy to hit us with some semi-commercial s**t, and I’m not going to lie, I love it!


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“Won’t Back Down” is all about resiliency. In the song, which is powered by this dramatic hip-pop beat, Bailey Zimmerman, Dermot Kennedy, and NBA YoungBoy all talk about overcoming hardships and being ready for whatever GOD throws at them. While Bailey and Dermot provide the passionate singing moments, YoungBoy is the one that throws the haymakers and aggressive deliveries. All in all, you will totally be inspired by this impactful inspirational record.

This is the ideal NBA YoungBoy commercial song.