Belly’s new album is going to be f**king crazy.

I have so much respect for Belly. Not only can he rap his ass off, but I also f**k with the topics that he covers in his music. While your favorite rappers are talking about all of the chicks they’ve smashed, Belly is talking about some meaningful s**t like getting it out of the mud and keeping it real as much as you can. In a few weeks, Belly will drop his highly anticipated album Mumble Rap. One of the singles from the project is “Ambiance.”



Not surprisingly, “Ambiance” is powered by this hard-hitting hip-hop beat that has a bit of a wicked feel. Over it, Belly reminds us why he’s the coolest Brown Boy on the planet. In his verses, he brings up his superior rap skills, expensive jewelry, and extra cold heart. What I find very dope about the track is how the “Might Not” rapper slides through it sounding like the 2023 Frank White. I also like how he sticks his chest out like Janet throughout.

Give “Ambiance” a shot below.

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