Desiigner Drops “Timmy Turner 2”

Timmy Turner 2


I never thought we would see another “Timmy Turner” (I love it when I’m wrong).

It’s wild as hell that Desiigner is only 25 years old. I feel like he has already had his 15 minutes of fame, shame, blame, and drain since emerging onto the music scene in 2016. Well, when you’ve been through all that s**t, you’re bound to go through some emotional issues, right? Yesterday, Desiigner dropped “Timmy Turner 2,” a track in which he comes across as paranoid.



Let me get this out of the way immediately: “Timmy Turner 2” is definitely better than “Timmy Turner.” First and foremost, the former boasts this tight-ass beat that has tons of bass and a great performance by The Children of the Corn. Secondly, I love how serene and infectious Desiigner’s vocals are. Lastly, I respect the New York rapper for opening up about the demons he’s fighting and the trust issues that he has. Do you know what? This might be Desiigner’s best song to date.

So, I’m assuming Timmy Turner is Desiigner?

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