Lester Sanchez Will "Imagine" Her


Lester Sanchez

“Imagine” creating a straight banger like this.

Orlando-based singer and songwriter, Lester Sanchez, went from opening for Three Six Mafia to a full-blown R&B singer. Once Sanchez transitioned to singing, he mastered songwriting as well, capturing the warmth of love and intimacy in each word. This made him the ideal spokesperson for subtext within each and every situation we can think of. Between his growing popularity and increasingly-creative wordplay, Sanchez makes every fan want more than he gives. With his growing talent, he made singles like “It’s OK,” “Dear Mary Jane,” and many more popular hits. These songs are all available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Lester Sanchez’s latest single is the raunchy single “Imagine.”

This hit gives listeners a taste of raw intimacy as Sanchez tries to convince his girl to come over to his house. The artist tries to encourage his partner to “Imagine” what it could be like if they just go with the flow. Instead of simply confessing and hiding, Sanchez goes all out in making sure that his lover feels wanted and even needed. The song’s production is phenomenal, with its dreamy, rhythmic beat that embodies the softness of R&B. For those nights with that special someone, this is the perfect hit. It’s additionally ideal for those who appreciate what we can call “true” R&B. There’s nothing quite like a steamy bedroom song from a crafty musician. So, stream Lester Sanchez’s new single to  give yourself a chance to “Imagine” a night with the lover you can’t stop thinking about.

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