Did Ed Sheeran just beat a case and drop a hot album?




5. Eyes Closed

When in doubt, dance with your “Eyes Closed.”

One of the most pop-sounding songs on this album, “Eyes Closed” actually cuts deep. Dedicated to his late friend Jamal, Sheeran sings about feeling the presence of a loved one who’s passed.

I think this is a song that almost anybody who’s lost someone they cared about can resonate with. Tears will be shed while listening to it (Or at least a shuffle of the body).



4. Life Goes On

It really sucks that we can’t stop the Earth from spinning.

Losing someone can be soul-crushing. It’s especially hard when the rest of the world continues on and you can’t. Sheeran grapples with that feeling and more on this folk-pop track. What I like most is Sheeran’s impactful vocals and his ability to make every lyric and line sound so momentous. 

“Life Goes On” feels like a breath of fresh air. Everything sounds serene and ethereal.



3. End Of Youth

Yep, we’re getting older.

“End Of Youth” has some well-needed self-reflecting taking place. I think this song represents the major growth that Sheeran has undergone in 2022. More than just an award-winning and chart-topping artist, Sheeran is a husband and father with more responsibility than he had when he first debuted. With this song and album, you can tell he’s undergone a lot of changes, but only for the better.



2. No Strings

Ed Sheeran is a little too good at writing love songs. 

Once you hit a bump in the road, you don’t just give up on the one you love. No matter what ups and downs take place, Ed Sheeran is sticking beside his wife. “No Strings” is a lovely ballad that shows just how powerful and transcending love can be. It’s a personal one that describes relationships that are pure in intentions. Listening to the track, you can hear just how strong of a love Sheeran has and it’s admirable to see.



1. Curtains

I think this song works just as well as therapy. 

“Curtains” is the song to play once you’ve ended a depressive episode. When we experience trauma, it’s so easy to want to become a recluse and hide away from the world. Ed Sheeran is the guiding light that tells you it’s ok to come out. Its emotive and soaring chorus help take your mind away from any ugly thoughts and put you onto positive ones. So, open those “Curtains” and let that sunlight in.


1. Boat (3.5/5)

2. Salt Water (3/5)

3. Eyes Closed (3.5/5)

4. Life Goes On (4/5)

5. Dusty (3.5/5)

6. End Of Youth (4/5)

7. Colourblind (3/5)

8. Curtains (5/5)

9. Borderline (3/5)

10. Spark (3/5)

11. Vega (3/5)

12. Sycamore (3.5/5)

13. No Strings (4/5)

14. The Hills of Aberfeldy (3/5)

15. Wildflowers (Bonus Track) (3.5/5)

16. Stoned (Bonus Track) (3/5)

17. Toughest (Bonus Track) (3/5)

18. Moving (Bonus Track) (3/5)




Amid the release and recording of this album, Sheeran had been battling personal losses and a court case that almost put him in early retirement. I think this album came at the right time, especially with its lyrical content. It’s an album for not only the fans to enjoy and possibly use as a means to heal but also for Sheeran. I’m sure writing and recording everything was therapeutic for him and a way to release all of the pressure he’s been under.

As always, Sheeran provides calming and effective vocals on this album. Sometimes, I forget Ed Sheeran can sing… Like, really sing. And it’s not some AI-generated vocals I’m hearing. Along with his amazing vocals, he gives us lyrics we can relate to and take inspiration from. He’s now an ‘adult’ and his new music reflects that. is a project that nicely bundles and wraps up his previous era of mathematical-themed albums. Maybe ‘adult’ Ed will try his luck at an entire rap-based album next.

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