Renegade Freestyle

Machine Gun Kelly

We can all agree that Machine Gun Kelly’s beef with Eminem was fake, right?

I won’t say that Machine Gun Kelly beat Eminem in their beef from a few years ago, but I will say that I don’t think he lost. To this day, I still bump “Rap Devil” often. These days, MGK has his sights on the second-best white rapper of all time: Jack Harlow. In his new freestyle, “Renegade Freestyle,” the Cleveland rapper calls Jack out.



We can all agree that the “Renegade” beat (Which was actually produced by Eminem) is one of the greatest hip-hop beats of all time, right? OK, good. What Machine Gun Kelly does over the beat in this new freestyle is pretty impressive. Aside from his Jack Harlow diss (I’m a Great White / I could eat these Barracudas / I see why they call you Jackman / You jacked man’s whole swag / Give Drake his flow back, man.”), I f**k with his dynamic flows, witty punchlines, and outstanding wordplay. I also appreciate the competitive spirit he shows.

Machine Gun Kelly is rapping like the rent’s due again.

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