Day One


Avril Lavigne has turned Tyga into Flo Rida, y’all!

Do you know what we don’t do enough? Give flowers to artists who have been in the game for a minute. For example, no one ever mentions that Tyga’s first album came out in 2008… 15 years ago! Since then, he has changed his style quite a bit. With that being said, in Tyga’s new single, “Day One,” he legit sounds like an LA version of Flo Rida.



“Day One” is powered by a techno beat that I’m pretty sure ChatGPT made. Over it, Tyga relies on both robotic singing and exciting raps to remind the world that he spoils women that got donks, that like to have fun, and that are freakier than Giannis. In 2010, I believe this song would’ve done serious numbers; in 2023, I’m not too sure.

I’m not exactly sure that Tyga made this song (I have a sneaky suspicion an AI robot made this s**t).

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