Yung Jewelz Goes Sexy In Our "Favorite Song"

Favorite Song

Yung Jewelz

A hip-hop single for late-night entanglements. 

Jackson-based rapper, Yung Jewelz, is a jack of all trades. What makes Jewelz great is that her music can be played in clubs, at church, or on one of your bad days. Of course, this makes her a relatable and sweet voice to the ears of her listeners. Jewelz’s many songs are fast-paced and keep listeners interested with many different ways of looking at common topics. Some of Jewelz’s singles are “Papi,” “Thankful,” and “Price 2 Pay.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Yung Jewelz’s latest single, “Favorite Song,” is raw and sexy. 

Favorite Song” balances hip-hop and smooth R&B vibes. Jewelz’s sultry bars invoke the pure sexual energy that we usually get in old-school R&B songs. Content-wise, the song makes us want things that we might not want to say out loud, but in the end, love. Personally, I think performances like this make me believe that Jewelz can put Mississippi on the map.

Stream “Favorite Song” by Yung Jewelz below.

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