New Color


A sun-soaked, summery dance track.

Musical creative, PLS&TY, is also known as Tommy Leas. Leas is an electronic producer and DJ who crafts EDM tunes you won’t be able to resist. This Florida native’s unique sound provides listeners with “languid bass, captivating vocals, and enough upbeat melodies to make anybody feel good.” In his career, PLS&TY’s music has reached more than 100 million streams. Additionally, his work has been featured in a Hershey chocolate commercial that amassed over a billion views. PLS&TY has also reached number one on iTunes four times and has performed at a variety of notable festivals; these include Shaky Beats, Breakaway, Electric Forest, and EDC Vegas. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. PLS&TY’s latest drop is the dance single “New Color.”

“New Color” offers up a dazzling, summery soundscape that’s all about love. Lyrics like “My world’s been feeling frozen / With darkness and commotion / Tilʼ you came and stepped into my light” and “I see a few kaleidoscope eyes / Iʼm painting outside all of the lines” offer up this feel-good tale of love. It’s all about the feeling of being so wild that you’re exploding with the new colors and the new feelings that come with love. There’s no doubt that this energetic EDM single will have you soaking up the good vibes and dancing till the sun goes down. So, press play on PLS&TY’s new single to experience the vibrancy within this “New Color.”

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