Rhys Tolhurst Wants You To "Count Me Out"

Count Me Out

Rhys Tolhurst

A pop song that makes staying inside fun.

Rhys Tolhurst is a contemporary pop artist from Queensland, Australia. Active since 2012, he started his career performing jazz standards in high school and in local bars when he was underage. Tolhurst received his first big break on Australia’s Got Talent, where he went on to become a finalist. His debut single, “Being Together,” was later released in 2016. Since then, Tolhurst has been developing his unique pop style by producing and writing his own material. His musical influences include John Legend, Chris Martin, Guy Sebastian, and John Mayer. Tolhurst’s catalog can be found on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. His newest single, “Count Me Out,” shows just how versatile his sound can be.

Tolhurst gives us smooth lyrics, crips vocals, and even a little rap in the midst of this chaos. “Count Me Out” sounds like a parade that’s taking place all inside. Tolhurst is disinterested in what’s in the news and social media, so he’s becoming a shut-in. By not following any trends, he’s on his own path to gain much-needed clarity. Tolhurst reminds us it’s ok to ignore all the outside noise and focus on yourself. This festive pop tune makes being a loner actually cool. Maybe becoming a hermit will be the new trend for 2023. Anyway, stream Rhys Tolhurst’s new single to learn how to protect your peace and energy when you say “Count Me Out.”

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