Growing & Learning

FatBoyJonesy (Ft. 4KPHIL)

Do you know who needs to do some growing and learning? Deandre Ayton (He’s getting cooked by Nikola Jokic right now).

4KPHIL is nice as s**t on the mic. I’m not fully aware of FatBoyJonesy’s skills on the mic, but since he’s down with 4KPHIL, I’m going to assume he’s like that, too. Recently, the former dropped a project called Lover’s Nightmare. One of the songs from the project is “Growing & Learning” with 4KPHIL.

You get rapping at a very high level in “Growing & Learning.” Over this therapeutic beat that has enough punch to it to knock out Ryan Garcia, FatBoyJonesy and 4KPHIL go back and forth on some braggadocios, wicked (Did 4KPHIL just say he’s driving around with dead bodies?), heartbreak, and developmental s**t. While FBJ’s raps sound both sly and screwed & chopped, 4K hits us with an aggressive delivery and hurls out nothing but lyrical body blows. I love how the two artists’ styles come together.

Give “Growing & Learning” by FatBoyJonesy and 4KPHIL a shot below.

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