What’s That?

Joyner Lucas

We’re inching closer and closer to the release of Joyner Lucas’s new album, “Not Now, I’m Busy.”

Do you know what I like about Joyner Lucas? In his songs, he kicks ass in a way that is very productive. Like, he’ll cuss you out, but also tell you how you can improve your life. With that being said, in Joyner’s latest single, “What’s That?,” all he really does is kick ass (You need to catch him on a better day).



“What’s That?” is powered by this dramatic, booming beat that will body-slam your speaker system. Over it, Joyner Lucas goes the hell off. Using flammable flows, the Worcester native hits us with lyrical content that highlights his cold-ass heart, his talented shooters, his great work ethic, and his big bank account. Though this song kind-of feels like target practice for Joyner, his rapping is so astute, I have to believe that he put his heart and soul into this s**t.

Joyner Lucas is starving for beef. Can someone just go ahead and diss this dude?

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