All My Life

Lil Durk (Ft. J. Cole)

“All My Life” is the first single off Lil Durk’s forthcoming album.

Lil Durk was supposed to drop his Almost Healed album today. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it will now come out two weeks from now. The good news is this, though: Today, we got a chance to finally hear Durk’s single with J. Cole called “All My Life.”



Rappers, take notes. In “All My Life,” Lil Durk and J. Cole do a lot of things right. For starters, anytime you add children singing to a track, that s**t is fire.  Secondly, you have to love how Durk mixes introspective lyrics with highly infectious melodies. Lastly, you have to appreciate how J. Cole boldly teaches lessons on keeping it real, giving real-ass quotes about rappers dying and putting his dawgs on. This track is just perfect for all of our souls.

This song will replace R. Kelly’s “I Wish” immediately on my iPod.

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