NBA YoungBoy is a one-man wrecking crew in “Richest Opp.”




5. Slider

Believe it or not, NBA YoungBoy slides his ass off in “Slider” (I’m such a great writer).

Aside from the poor audio quality and occasional lethargic vocals, I think “Slider” is fire. I really f**k with the song’s menacing, piano-driven southern beat and the extremely catchy hook that NBA YoungBoy blesses us with. I don’t quite love how he bounces off the walls in his verses but do enjoy how he takes more of a fun-loving approach to talking about shooting folks and dealing with groupies (Yea, I try to find silver-linings with YoungBoy’s content).



4. Bitch Let’s Do It

It’s only right that we add “Bitch Let’s Do It” to the top 5 list (I mean, it seems like this track is this album’s engine).

Remember the good ol’ days when you had to ease into an album before you heard murderous music? Welp, those days are long gone. As soon as you press play on Richest Opp, you are treated to “Bitch Let’s Do It”: A toxic track that boasts a feverish southern instrumental, rugged rap melodies, and lyrics that highlight contract killing and broken romantic relationships because folks are obsessed with killing. So why does this song deserve a top 5 slot? I think it has a nice bounce and the flows are pretty solid.

3. Hurt My Heart

“Hurt My Heart” is really the only emotional record on this album.

This just in: NBA YoungBoy has a heart. In “Hurt My Heart,” the Louisiana native dunks on the women that he feels play games and are disloyal. Though he sings his ass off, his vocals definitely feel on the fiery side. Personally, I like the way the song flows and how it oozes nothing but pure and raw emotions.



2. Perspective

“Perspective” is easily the most unique track on this project.

NBA YoungBoy clearly took a sedative before making “Perspective.” In the song, which boasts this booming, Zaytoven-like beat, he sounds pretty subdued and somewhat reasonable (I totally respect his line about not wearing designer s**t). But let’s be real: This song’s biggest sale is the dynamic, relentless flows that YoungBoy raps with.



1. Fuck The Industry Pt. 2

NBA YoungBoy takes shots at your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers in “Fuck The Industry Pt. 2.”

It’s highly documented how much NBA YoungBoy despises the music industry. He says it on social media, in his songs, and during picnics. While he doesn’t usually say names, in “Fuck The Industry Pt. 2,” he does just that. In his verses, he takes shots at J. Cole for faking like he was going to do a feature with him, calls Drake his “enemy” for choosing sides, and takes aim at Lil Yachty just because. Aside from the song’s juicy lyrics, I actually f**k with the devilish style YoungBoy raps with and the highly infectious hook he dishes out.


1. Bitch Let’s Do It (3.5/5)

2. I Got That Shit (3.5/5)

3. I Heard (2.5/5)

4. Hurt My Heart (3.5/5)

5. Dirty Thug (3/5)

6. Just Flow (3.5/5)

7. Free Meechy (3.5/5)

8. Father (3/5)

9. Fuck The Industry Pt. 2 (4/5)

10. What You Gonna Do (3.5/5)

11. Perspective (3.5/5)

12. Chopstick (Ft. Ten) (3/5)

13. Slimes Go Where I Go (2.5/5)

14. Slider (3.5/5)

15. I Shot Qupid (3.5/5)

16. Channel 9 (3/5)

17. I Want His Soul (3/5)




NBA YoungBoy really doesn’t give a f**k. Holy s**t.

So, for every single project NBA YoungBoy has dropped these past couple of years, I’ve done a review (Eight in 12 months). Contrary to popular belief, all of them don’t quite sound the same. For example: In Ma, I Got A Family, YoungBoy gets into his melodic bag, while in I Rest My Case, he gets into more of a PlayBoi Carti bag. I bring this up because I think Richest Opp is one of his more stereotypical projects. In it, you get a s**tload of violent lyrics, your usual chilling piano-driven beats, one or two emotional records, and crazy man deliveries. The only reason I don’t want to say that there is nothing to see here is because of how personal some of YoungBoy’s verses feel. He calls out rappers by name, speaks on some of his romantic relationships, and sounds pretty direct with his vitriol overall. For one of the first times, I feel like he actually updates us on his life (Which he keeps a secret) through his music.

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