Owen Lodger Shines In “Midnight Madness”

Midnight Madness

Owen Lodger

“Midnight Madness” will be released on all digital platforms on June 30th, 2023.

Owen Lodger is an up-and-coming musician from Birmingham that is now based in Beijing, China. After doing some songwriting for 10 years, he has decided to make his official solo debut with a new single called “Midnight Madness.” Though the song isn’t out yet, it does display just how talented Owen is.

The first thing that will stand out to you about “Midnight Madness” is how pure it sounds. In the song, which was mixed and mastered by Max Hosinger, Owen Lodger relies on infectious, passionate, and spellbinding vocals to touch on the frustrating things that happen when two people in a relationship aren’t fully on the same page (Of course, this is something that we can all relate to, right?). What’s really cool is that the song boasts these old-school synths that will give you a satisfying blast to the ’70s. At the same time, Lodger does a great job of incorporating modern elements throughout the song. All in all, “Midnight Madness” sounds like a completely authentic effort.

Though we can’t share “Midnight Madness” with you today, be sure to stream it when it releases on June 30, 2023.


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