DomV comes out swinging in this tough-ass rap banger.

DomV is the last of a dying breed: A hungry emcee with incredible rap skills. Even though he only started uploading music to streaming services in 2019, Dom has this veteran aura to him that can’t be ignored. Some of his notable releases are “Song of the Summer,” “SALOON,” and “Grammy Speech.” You can find Dom’s full catalog on Spotify. His latest release is “Runnin’.”

Throughout “Runnin’,” DomV finds various ways to let listeners know that he’s betting on himself more than Pete Rose. What you’ll love about the song, which boasts this soulful, hard-hitting beat, is how Dom plows through it relying on clever punchlines, steady flows, impeccable vocabulary, and most importantly, a killer instinct. He truly makes it a mission that you feel all of his words.

Give “Runnin'” a shot below.

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