I will be playing this smooth banger over and over again this summer (Especially on the days it rains).

I don’t believe in bulls**t sayings like “I fell in love at first sight” or “You’re my destiny.” However, when it comes to music, I do believe in this very important saying: “A match made in heaven.” Kaytranada and Aminé making music together is just that. The former is great at producing soothing hip-hop beats, while the latter is great at dropping infectious melodic raps. KAYTRAMINÉ’s new single, “Rebuke,” will prove to you just how well they work together.



“Rebuke” will serve as a cooling system for your ears. Kaytranada’s tranquil production combined with Aminé’s laidback vocals creates a concoction that is smoother than a Mojito with some flat ginger beer. Content-wise, Aminé speaks on the conflicting feelings that come with moving on from a relationship that was once good as hell for you. If you are a fan of 2000s Janet and ’90s Q-Tip, you’ll be a fan of “Rebuke” (Strange comparison, right?).

Give “Rebuke” a shot below.

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