In My Life

Nick Gill

An alternative tune about letting go of someone special.

Nashville-based musical creative, Nick Gill, is a singer and songwriter who hit it big time at a young age. This artist released three albums and went on a 50-date tour all before he finished high school. Gill admits, “When I moved to Nashville, I felt bombarded by the music industry, another person with the same music career goal. I was at the end of my rope.” Still, despite his initial struggles, Nick ended up writing a tune that would change his career. After being contacted by producer Ed Cash, the pair went on to collaborate on the singer’s 2018 Ep Waves Are Only Water. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Nick Gill’s latest drop is the alternative single “My Life.”

“In My Life” sounds like an acoustic song that someone will sing around the campfire when they’re the last one left awake. Lyrics like “If you could cut the cord right now, set me free somehow / I bet we could walk away in peace” and “Have we really gone our separate ways? You’re a ghost in our grave” reminisce on holding onto the past and the pain of letting go in order to move on. At the same time, there’s a sensation of longing for something more than just the person. The love was an adventure, and Gill wants it back. With its soft, meditative soundscape, this hit reminds everyone of the loss of the greatest journey known to man. So, press play on Nick Gill’s new single, “In My Life,” below.

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