An electro-pop tune that questions staying in toxic relationships.

Swedish musical creative, Namelle, is a multi-talented singer and songwriter who crafts “confident and sassy electro pop” tunes. In 2021, the artist signed to the Swedish label LoudKult and went on to release her debut EP. Additionally, she wrote the song “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” for Julia Alfrida that same year. Namelle is continuously searching for new influences and collaborations to further develop her music. She says, “It’s so inspiring collaborating with other songwriters and producers.” In her career, the singer has also written for Conro (Monstercat), Haywyre, and various artists (such as Aviella) signed to Steve Aoki’s label DIM MAK. Namelle’s musical creations are available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Her latest drop is the pop single “Defense.”

With a bouncy backdrop of pulsating electro-pop beats, “Defense” refuses to apologize; instead, it seems to demand the same from another party, despite knowing we won’t get it. Lyrics like “The evidence is obvious / So why do you deny it?” and “Girl, you should be a lawyer cause you’re so good at defense / You’ll always find a way to make his flaws make sense” reflects on people who make excuses for their partner’s bad behavior. While it isn’t afraid to call someone out, this song remains light while dealing with heaviness. So, press play on Namelle’s new single to hear the artist state her case with the “Defense.”

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