Eiza Murphy Is Heartbroken Over A "Conman"


Eiza Murphy

Murphy’s most heartwrenching, powerful performance yet. 

LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Eiza Murphy, has her own lane. She started her career studying music production at the Dubspot School of Electronic Music. Murphy then had one of her debut singles, “Taxi,” featured in Netflix’s hit drama series “Riverdale.” She intrigues fans with her alternative pop-fused and soulful elements that match her emotional, soft vocals. Eiza’s full catalog is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Her latest single is “Conman.” 

Murphy’s “Conman” explores the raw emotions that come with being betrayed. Throughout the song, which boasts this alternative pop soundscape (Kudos to Murphy’s sister, Lenii, for producing the track), she reveals her anger with lyrics like “You’re a conman, you’re a liar, you’re a thief.” “Conman” nudges everyone to stan Murphy and her incredible musical talents, as well as her ability to turn away from toxicity.

Stream Eiza Murphy’s new single to learn what it’s like to date a “Conman.”

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