An upbeat club banger that will get the freaks off their seats.

WickDaDon doesn’t only have a fantastic name, he is also someone who has a knack for creating certified club hits. What I think folks will enjoy about the South Atlanta, Georgia native is his energetic beats and infectious melodies. Folks will also f**k with his unapologetic lyrics. Some of WickDaDon’s biggest hits are “21 Questions” and “Who Coming Harder Than Me.” His latest release is “body.”

“body” is powered by this bouncy Jersey house beat that will make dancers get down and non-dancers do random-ass karate moves. Over it, WickDaDon hits us with feverish flows, infectious melodies, and lyrics that highlight his love for women with great bodies and optimistic attitudes. He also welcomes more smoke than a firefighter. I can guarantee you this: If this song comes on in the club, s**t will get poppin. Matter of fact, if you are just lounging around when it comes on, step to the side, playa.

Give “body” by WickDaDon a shot below.

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