What Would I Do

Wiz Khalifa

I would trade Ja Morant for 25 games.

Oh s**t, I thought Wiz Khalifa was asking me what to do with Ja Morant after he got caught with a blicky for the second in time in like three months. My bad. Anywho, “What Would I Do” is Wiz’s latest single. The main reason I f**k with it a lot is that it reminds me of his old mixtape s**t (I swear, I say this same line every single time I post about Wiz).



In “What Would I Do,” Wiz Khalifa absolutely shines. Not only does he hit us with these infectious melodies on the hook, but he also drops some aggressive bars that in his verses. Content-wise, he talks about comforting his chick, promising companionship and good weed. As we are quickly approaching summer, these are the kind of chill tracks that you need to add to your queue.

Give “What Would I Do” by Wiz Khalifa a shot below.

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