Yuphoric Has Been Writing "Letters From Sardinia"

Letters From Sardinia


A chill and soulful track that takes you away.

Yuphoric is a musical duo brought together by their common love of music. Its members consist of Yuval Gantz, a guitar player and composer-producer from Israel, and Phøn, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer, and mixer from New York. Based in Berlin, the duo combines their influences of the Berlin art scene and the spirit of New York. The result is music that’s full of emotion and grooviness that can’t be replicated. Yuphoric’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. His latest release is the feel-good single “Letters From Sardinia.” 

Yuphoric give you a taste of R&B, soul, and jazz in this ultimate chill mix. At the same time, Meron’s divine vocals and Mike Nasa’s potent rapping make this a Lofi banger we can’t ignore. The duo invites listeners to let go and feel the ocean breeze, or to imagine it if you’re not near any body of water. If you’re planning to take a vacation this season, we recommend that you have this song in your queue.

Stream Yuphoric’s new single to start receiving your own relaxing “Letters From Sardinia.”

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