The Sweet Serenades Remind You "Don't Cry"

Don’t Cry

The Sweet Serenades

An indie track that aims to make your day better.

The Sweet Serenades is a one-man band composed of singer and songwriter Martin Nordvall. They’ve created a buzz in the world of music through the placement of their songs in shows like Grey’s Anatomy. Active since 2007, Nordvall has released a total of 4 noteworthy albums and 2 EPs. His impressive discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. The Sweet Serenades’s newest release is the comeback hit “Don’t Cry.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

The Sweet Serenades create blissful vibes out of depressing material on this indie pop track. The bouncy and vibrant production mixed with Martin Nordvall’s pleading vocals is enough to move anyone feeling down. With delicate attention, Mike tells us there are people out there who’ll care for you when you’ve hit a wall of sorrow. “Tell me, baby, you’ll be alright / Oh, I don’t want you to cry” and “I know it hurts but we’re living a lie” are the lyrics you need to hear when you’ve felt utterly dejected. Once you get into the song’s groove, you’ll find all your worries were never there, to begin with. So, if you’ve been experiencing a low lately, stream The Sweet Serenades’ new single, “Don’t Cry.”

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