This is the one for 6ixsage.

These past couple of years, 6ixsahe has proven that he is a master at putting together alternative hip-hop records full of infectious melodies and trill lyrics. Though his catalog isn’t extensive, I think he’s done enough good to be taken seriously. Some of Six’s biggest hits are “24,000,” “Sayin It Now,” and “Schemin’.” You can find his full catalog on Spotify. 6ix’s latest single is “DND.”

In “DND,” 6ixsage raps about his impressive come-up, the buzz he has in his city, and how much he likes private time with his chick. Throughout the song, which is powered by this sly and smooth trap beat, 6ixsage does a fantastic job of drawing us in by hitting us with a highly intoxicating melody on the hook and steady flows in his verses. He also raps with this cool-ass demeanor that is hard to ignore. All in all, “DND” is a certified hit.

This is an instant download for me.

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