A hip-hop tune full of mental health issues.

San Jose, California-based musical creative, Amplified., is a “genre-bending rapper and singer” who redefines what it means to be all about hip-hop. Since beginning his musical journey, the artist has been continuously building his fanbase. He’s also been developing his distinctive sound during national tours with the American reggae rock band The Expendables. Using “a combination of polished hip-hop bars & R&B melodies, Amp weaves his sound thru the fabrics of classic and fresh with a diverse range of voices and soundscapes.” Some of Amplified.’s previous tunes include tracks like “Waves,” “Level Up,” and “Dust Off.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Amplified.’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “Subconscious.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

Soft drum beats and soulful guitar work our “Subconscious” to make us fall into meditation. However, some of the most important points come from the message. This song is about mental health and how, years later, we can still be plagued with its effects. Lyrics like “I can’t believe we’re even still having this conversation / Leaving me with these demons while you walking that line with Satan” and “You got me caught up in my own way / Won’t leave my mind at peace” vulnerably explore the internal battles that manage our minds. There’s no shame in any of it, but it does help to clear some things up.

Let “Subconscious” allow you to dive deep into your own mental health.

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