DJ Fricktion (Ft. Kelvyn Colt & D Smoke)

They preaching on this banger.

DJ Fricktion is an award-winning DJ, Music Producer, and Engineer. Throughout the years, he has worked with prominent artists, released critically -acclaimed mixtapes, and has performed at every major club around the world. His latest single is “Power” with Kelvyn Colt and D. Smoke.

“Power” is powered by this action-packed, bass-booming beat that will gas up any MC to be the best version of themself. Over it, Kelvyn Colt and D. Smoke rap about their rough come-ups and their hustling ways. While the former uses a gritty rap delivery to get his messages across, the latter comes across as unbothered and extremely focused. Whatever the case may be, I think this song hits harder than most rap tracks I’ve heard this year.

Give “Power” a shot below.

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