Lick Or Sum


GloRilla continues to put on for the ladies in her city.

Is it far-fetched to say that GloRilla might end up being one of the biggest hip-hop stars Memphis has ever seen? In my opinion, she’s funny, charming, cute, and a pretty decent rapper. Appropriately, in GloRilla’s latest single, “Lick Or Sum,” she pays homage to one of her city’s greatest hits: “Slob On My Knob” by Three Six Mafia.



GloRilla practically continues her ‘f**k dudes’ tour with “Lick Or Sum.” Over the “Slob On My Knob” beat, the 23-year-old rapper hits us with bars that suggest that men should be the ones that are doing the pleasing in situationships. What’s interesting is that her aggressive, unapologetic style of rapping combined with her cold-hearted messages remind me of the s**t she was on when she dropped “FNF (Let’s Go).”

I’m going to side-eye the hell out of the guy that decides to wife up GloRilla.

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