Nunez Has No "Reasons"



An emotional track about the sadness we tackle on our own.

Jonathan Nuñez, better known by the stage name Nuñez, is an up-and-coming musical artist. Nuñez debuted in 2022 with the R&B single “Do What I Wanna.” He followed that up with the single “Get It Like That.” Though he is still in the beginning stages of being a full-fledged artist, both songs show off his serious talent. Nuñez’s discography is available on Spotify. His latest release is “Reasons,” which comes from his new album of the same name.

Nuñez unlocks several layers of vulnerability in “Reasons.” He takes off his mask and lets out all his frustrations with a dreary piano beat backing him up. Unsure where to turn, Nuñez holds all the pressure in until things blow up. When you’ve sunken into a depressive state, it feels like you’re all alone. At least, though, you have songs like this that can describe exactly how you feel. So, stream Nuñez’s new single to hear the “Reasons” to go on when you’re in dire times.

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