Tyler Perez

An alternative pop tune that explores inner struggles.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Tyler Perez, is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, and filmmaker. With plenty of passion for his work, the artist’s distinctive style comes through in each of his unique creations. Some of Perez’s previous singles include “The Progress Demos,” “On My Way,” “Coffee & Spliffs,” and “No More.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify and Apple Music. His most recent drop is the five-track EP Progress Demons Vol. II. One of the songs on Tyler Perez’s latest release is “Pressure.”

With its mellow production, “Pressure” remains soft and soothing for us to enjoy the emotional soundscape. At the same time, it is a piece towards forwarding your own victory. Lyrics like “God hasn’t spoken to me since I last took a tab / The devil been trying to but I left him on read / He’d probably go crazy trying to see what’s in my head” and “I feel the pressure that ain’t nothing new / I’m working till my wallet turns blue / If that ain’t true / Maybe pressure ain’t for you” reminisces on that neverending grind to push yourself towards success. This song should encourage you to really go for it.

Press play on Tyler Perez’s “Pressure” below.

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