Ziey Kizzy Is "Ready" For The Win


Ziey Kizzy

Ziey was born to be successful.

London-based singer and songwriter, Ziey Kizzy, began his passion for music by learning the guitar. Kizzy then found himself dabbling more in songwriting and producing. In 2019, he became the frontman for an alternative-rock band called Escape The Box. Everything Kizzy writes seems to be impactful and fierce. His music, overall, is made for the ears of the most mind-bending, beat-loving fans. Kizzy’s full catalog is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. His latest single is the alternative pop/hip-hop hit, “Ready.” 

“Ready” asks us to be exactly that. This piece has an uptempo, hard-hitting alternative hip-hop sound that tells the story of his success. The whole point is to be prepared for the future and ready for the things that come with success. Though the lyrics seem repetitive, they give everyone the inspiration they need to focus on grinding and drop the negativity around you. It’s a double-edged song that both encourages and brings the excellence we need. So, stream Ziey Kizzy’s new single to learn what it means to be “Ready” for some wins.

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