Kofi Kente

Rap clearly comes easy for Kofi Kente.

Kofi Kente is a British-Ghanian rapper, producer, and sound engineer. He’s the real deal, too. At the early age of 5, he taught himself how to play the piano. From there, he quickly learned how to put together classic melodies and verses that are powered by great lyricism. In 2022, Kofi released his debut EP Phoenix 92. His most recent release is “asthma.”

In “asthma.,” Kofi Kente makes it known that he’s killing his competition, living out his dreams, and working harder than you. What I love about the song, which boasts this booming hip-hop beat that has these hypnotizing elements that I can’t get enough of, is how Kofi glides through it hitting us with next-level flows and a buoyant tone. It’s almost like he uses the song as a lyrical exercise.

Give “asthma.” by Kofi Kente a shot below.