Ocean Spray

MoneyBagg Yo

I don’t f**k with Ocean Spray at all. It gives me too many loogies.

Because of the release of Taylor Swift and Ice Spice’s “Karma” single, we didn’t get MoneyBagg Yo’s new album today (Apparently, Taylor Swift is a big f**king deal to MoneyBagg). What he did gift us with is a new single called “Ocean Spray.”



In “Ocean Spray,” over this hypnotic trap beat, MoneyBagg Yo talks about sipping on purple a lot. He also talks about putting his homies on and rocking expensive s**t. What I like about the track is how MoneyBagg sounds pretty subdued but not boring throughout it. Overall, I think this s**t is a complete vibe.

When MoneyBagg Yo talks about Wockesha, he is as unguardable as Jimmy Butler.

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