Can’t Help

Trag Blakk (Ft. Double 2X)

I like how this song emphasizes how hard Trey Songz sings.

Trag Blakk can rap his ass off. While scouring through his catalog, I stumbled upon a song of his called “Moment.” In it, he hits us with great flows and dishes out so many wise and inspirational bars. While Trag’s latest single, “Can’t Help,” isn’t as deep as “Moment,” I do still think it displays his great talent.

“Can’t Help” is powered by this fast-paced, smooth, and heart-pumping Jersey house beat that boasts a sample from Trey Songz’s “Can’t Help But Wait” hit. Over it, Trag Blakk and Double 2X compliment their women for being independent, loyal, and sexy as hell. What I love about the song is how the two rappers fly through it, hitting us with feverish flows that actually keep up with the beat’s pace fantastically. If you ask me, this is the kind of house track that I’m trying to hear.

Give “Can’t Help” a shot below.