Turn The Streets Up


“I believe in dope dealers, not the tooth fairy” – EST Gee.

If you consider EST Gee a mainstream artist, then he’s the hardest mainstream artist in the game today. If you consider EST Gee an underground artist, then he’s the most poppin’ underground artist in the game today. However you slice it, the Louisville native is doing his thing right now. Today, he returned to the music scene with a hot new single called “Turn The Streets Up.”


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“Turn The Streets Up” is hard as hell. In the song, EST Gee promotes violence, drug dealing, and overflexing. The grungy demeanor and steady flows that he raps with perfectly blend with the scary-ass trap beat (Something about those synths in the beat makes me believe that Michael Myers is at the stoplight around the corner). I also think the hook EST hits us with is catchy as f**k.

Give “Turn The Streets Up” a shot below.