Roni Bar Hadas

Alternative music can’t get much more heartfelt than this.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based musical creative, Roni Bar Hadas, is a singer and songwriter with the experience of many artists combined. Originally, Hadas started out as a classical musician before discovering that her creative needs couldn’t be contained to traditional genres. As a result, she unleashed her power on other areas of music that could support her better. Hadas’s music utilizes her “velvety and soulful voice” to offer “an enchanting journey through melodies and emotions.” Her debut album, Calm the Beast, earned the artist local recognition for her work. Some of Hadas’s previous tunes include tracks like “Red Lines,” “Everything,” and “Mood.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Roni Bar Hadas’s latest drop is the alternative single “Troubles.” The song also has an accompanying official video.

Melodic and soothing, “Troubles” is more motivational than it appears at first glance. This song wants to be the reason you get up in the morning to face the worst parts of life. Lyrics like “You wanna lose your mind / So there’ll be no one there to blame / Your self-destructive habits” and “If you don’t repress your sorrow / It probably will not hurt as much tomorrow” reflect on facing your pain in order to heal from your internal struggles. However, they also rush to reassure us that we are going to be okay, whatever comes. There is always a reason to go forward. After all, difficult times aren’t forever. So, press play on Roni Bar Hadas’s new single to ease your “Troubles.”