Man Down

Etan Rov & RONI

A pop tune with sweet and summery vibes.

Etan Rov is a music producer and songwriter who refuses to be put in a box. In his music, Etan collaborates with all kinds of artists, plays all kinds of instruments, and experiments with various sounds. His main influences are Childish Gambino, Billie Eilish, and Two Feet. Etan’s discography is available on Spotify and YouTube. Recently, he teamed up with multi-talented 18-year-old artist RONI, also known as The Real Roni. Etan Rov and RONI worked together to create the pop single, “Man Down.”

This is the kind of song that will inspire you to climb up the mountains you’re standing in front of. “Man Down” is also sweet and beachy enough to feel more like a pool party hit than anything else. With that being said, the track’s ultimate goal is to make sure we feel like we’ve made it. Lyrics like “Sun is beaming like it’s June / I feel like I can’t lose” and “I just wanna make everyone laugh now / Laugh now / The feeling that I get from it / Just makes me feel like I’m worth it” get introspective while offering up an inspirational sense of hope. This song feels so ready for summer that we can’t stop playing it in hopes that the season comes faster. So, press play on Etan Rov’s new single to give yourself a dose of sunshine.