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KayCyy – Tw2052

Until today, I never listened to a single KayCyy track. I’ve been seeing people rave about him, so that’s why I decided to listen to his new TW2052 EP with Gassaffelstein. I’m impressed with what I heard.

First and foremost, we must give Gassaffelstein his flowers. I absolutely love the smooth, futuristic, and tranquilizing production that he blesses KayCyy with throughout TW2052. I enjoy how KayCyy gets lost in every beat, gifting us with The Weeknd-esque vocals and truly intoxicating melodies. I feel like this project is a complete musical experience.

Our Favorite Songs: “ROLL THE DICE,” “TIMELESS,” “OKAY,” and “THE SUN.”




Lauren Jauregui – Wolves

The main reason I clicked on this EP is that I saw that it features a song with Ty Dolla $ign and Russ called “Wolves.” While the track is certainly flames (And probably the best one on the project), I found myself blown away by Lauren’s performances throughout the EP.

Though Lauren has a nasally voice that echoes her ex’s voice (Ty Dolla $ign), it doesn’t stop her from dropping touching ballads and emotional records. Lauren also hits us with tracks that take on strong cultural vibes. Overall, I am impressed with her versatility, her passion, and her poetic lyrics on this EP.

Our Favorite Songs: “Em(oceans),” “Wolves,” and “The One.”






Cochise sounds like a mix between Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, and Takeoff. On some real s**t, he’s not a bad rapper at all. While listening to NO ONE’S NICE TO ME, his latest drop, I found myself f**king with his unique flows, dreamy lo-fi/Yeat-like beats, and confidence on the mic. Also, most importantly, I feel like Cochise sounds pretty clear and concise (Most Playboi Carti-like rappers don’t sound clear at all). Now, will you find me listening to this project in my downtime? No. I do think that it will be some good background music for when I’m pregaming, though (Especially after I’m five shots in).

Our favorite songs: “KANEKI,” “BIRD CHEST,” and “EUROPEAN DREAM.”