1 2 3

Leon Hesby

“1 2 3” will be featured on Leon Hesby’s debut EP, “Love, Cry, Repeat Vol. 1.”

Leon Hesby is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter born in Paris and raised in California. Though Leon has done everything from voice acting to starring in movies, his musical talent really stands out to me. What makes him a unique artist is that he does a little bit of everything and is inspired by French and American culture. Recently, Leon dropped his debut single, “1 2 3.”

“1 2 3” is a delightful gem that beautifully merges trendy hip-hop elements with upbeat pop vibes. This impulsive track has extremely infectious melodies that pair perfectly with Leon Hesby’s introspective lyrics that revolve around making things suitable with someone you deem very special. All in all, “1 2 3” will make you dance, reevaluate your relationships, and realize how gorgeous it sounds when an artist successfully merges pop and hip-hop together.

Give “1 2 3” by Leon Hesby a shot below.